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Comparison Of Camera Motion With Acrylic EMJ   Leave a comment

Compar Acry ICCM WC Sea3 EMJsig

Originally I did acrylics-one color per card stock sheet(left hand side).  To get a photodigital I might do a Camera Motion Image Capture, pulling light-stretching light(right-hand side).  The shoot was mostly Camera Motion.  It was of a section of the acrylic–Ink Weening[©2016 Ernie Moore Jr.]Accidental Art–Discovered Art–I make strokes on a medium to get most of the ink off of a brush.  Mostly avoiding deliberately making an image.-Ernie Moore Jr.

The exact section I’m unsure.  The comparison is for the chance to perhaps appreciate the result from the source.  It seemed important/useful.  To me at first it seemed as sea and sky.  Now the lower half could be as clouds.  Supposedly, we will see what we see by how our minds organize.  You are not wrong in what you see.  I would rather present a work and not say What I see.  I present it because I like it or something about it.  I value what resulted…There seemed to be something there.  I find, too many words might detract from what one is trying to say~.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM NDM Waterside Fantasy   Leave a comment

Camera Motion Image Captureof Up the Garden Path by Neal Delano Martineau resembling a blond girl near a rail and the sea in front E M J

Photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture of Up the Garden Path!product/prd1/3145599131/%2373-up-the-garden-path by Neal Delano Martineau.  It seemed to have  ocean aspects–the bottom of the ocean, water scene, blue water, sandy constructs…a railing as if on a ship with yellow like a blond girl on deck.  And Ocean/Sea and ship elements were blending or some such.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I’m looking at the texture and streaking of light.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Wall of Waterfalls (b&w) EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital camera motion image capture resembling waterfalls E M J

Photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light seems to resemble a wall of Waterfalls.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC AB Blue Bird top 6th p EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital alphabet declination AB Blue Bird E M J

This photodigital Image Capture of notes on alphabet declination for AB Blue Bird EMJ top of the sixth page.  Here we can see the changes to letters.  Writing them and writing them.  Getting tired of taking so long there would lose strokes or have strokes blended.  Writing fast can mean less to write or more compact shapes.  Sharp is a quick whip gesture.-Ernie Moore Jr.

First letter is a horse ear.  I decide the eye helps define the triangle as an ear.  That’s pretty solid to me so I go on to “B” icon or second letter.  Dolphin shape resembles ocean wave.  Wave becomes dolphin out of the water.  Now set the style of the water.  For this letter/icon this is what I think would change with use.  Curve loses the waves and straightens.  Even the dolphin can lose its curve for the more direct shorter stroke.  And we generations later do not see the shapes as more than marks with no meaning except assigned valued.-Ernie Moore Jr.

For me one style of making an alphabet is grouping similar icons for sections of alphabet.  I’m comfortably set on “B” and “C” from one dolphin leaping to a dolphin leaping over the leaping dolphin.  And working on my solid for the design of a dolphin diving to get “D.”-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Trees Blue Open Ocean EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera motion image capture resembling a blue texture of open water

This Camera Motion Image Capture, pulling light-stretching light resembled water.  Shades of blue dark open ocean water.  I’m told art painted is preferred to the flatness of a photograph.  This is akin to my photography which I feel has a semblance of texture.  If you notice a semblance to a child like figure–Image within an Image, I might not be surprised.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Twigs Streaming Mountains EMJ   Leave a comment

photo digital smooth melding triangular shapes akin to mountains streaming E M J

This Image Capture Camera Motion stretching light-pulling light is of twigs–the thick small wood landscapers use around bushes.  In part it seemed as hills and part as water over rocks.  Thinking of a mountain stream, but the mountains were flowing, it becomes streaming mountains.  There might be an eye or a pair of eyes noticed in the hills {if I dare say that semblance of a movie title].  Far away or reduced it might seem to resemble a rounded face.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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IC CM Twigs Moving EMJ   Leave a comment

Image Capture resembling running water over a  stony brook E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light stretching light is of twigs–the wood used in landscaping around bushes.  First I Felt this piece.  And whether it was water over a stony brook with water rushing;  or flying, airborne in clouds-zooming, I got a sense of moving.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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