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IC CM Trees Milky Hazy Autumn Scene EMJ   Leave a comment

Impressionist painting look. milky hazyAutumn scene photodigital E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture–pulling light-stretching light is of an Autumn scene–a tree with brown leaves;bushes with green leaves.  The lightfills the area.  When pulling light in this environment there seems to be a wash–a milky hazyness-Ernie Moore Jr.

I hope to note the conditions and mimic this basic effect.  I’ve done it before; it’s an almost enchantedic effect.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Flowers Faces and Figures in Flowers 47 EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital pulling light stretching light of red and violet flowers camera motion Image Capture E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light was of flowers.  Image within an Image might be noticeable-face or figure.  There’s a person figure where green and violet/indigo is near red.  At least one set of shared faces–half of a whole face seems to be a different face.  A 2015 Best Local Artist Show happened yet I missed the deadline…stuff happened and days were not them selves.  I would like to try this palette concept again with particular colored things near each other.  And the right lighting to pull or stretching light.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Trees Faces By Lamp Light EMJ   Leave a comment

Low light photodigital of a Tree alit by the light of a near street lamp flouresent H E M J

This is a Camera Motion Image Capture photodigital in florescent H white balance, a tree near enough a lamp post to be partially lit.  This is some of the slightest Camera Motion, almost seeming to be the tree.  However it occurred the better lit leaves seem to have an extra something.  I Image-Capture in this light because the Image within an Image suggestion of face images happens for me when pulling light-stretching light about leaved trees.-Ernie Moore Jr.

There’s a National Geographic Low light assignment for which to submit.  If I only submit one, to the National Geographic Your Shot assignment, it would be one near this that seemed to be a reflection of the tree trunk as if it’s base was near water.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Happy Retreat White Haired Knight EMJ   Leave a comment

Image Capture Camera Motion photodigital of the back of Happy 'retreat 600 Mordington Avenue Charles Town WV E M J

There was a county wide show ArtOber(WV) 2015 in Charles Town, WV.  It took place at a historic residence of Charles Washington–Happy Retreat.  I did photodigitals — Camera Motion Image Captures of the trees (Light related to trees is a staple for Camera Motion–Displacing Light, by me). This is Image within Image.  I mostly could make-out what might be thought to be an image resembling a Knight with white facial hair–moustache, eye brows.  One might also notice women-females with cloth head coverings.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Having a computer crash can keep one off of a website for awhile.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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