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IC CM Pudding Lion And Figure On Forest Path EMJ   Leave a comment

IC CM Pudding A Lion And Cloaked Figure Amongst Trees EMJsigsc

This Photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light is of vanilla pudding with hot sauce striped (like in fancy restaurants–a continuous swerving~ line.  It kind of resembled a forest pathway with a cloaked figure standing/walking, and a large maned lion to the figure’s left.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Someone made the food for me and I was looking at it for a while [I thought it tasted good just perhaps seeing if I thought I could read seeing anything there in the blending–light/contrasts].  It made sense so I proceeded to photograph it and Camera Motion bigger until I could get two or so photodigitals that might be something.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Car Covered With Snow EMJ   Leave a comment

IC CM Car Covered With Snow EMJsigsc

Photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light.  The car is not actually covered with snow as much as a section that was caught by the camera is pulled over the section of the image of the car.-Ernie Moore Jr.


I have tried or begun merging different sections of the same scene.  Yet I have tended to avoid including vastly different objects.-Ernie Moore Jr.


This is probably, Jonas 2016 snow.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Acry K Chinese Ghost   Leave a comment

Photodigital of Camera Motion Image Capture of black acrylic reflecting light with female figure-Chinese Ghost E M J

This photodigital Image Capture pulling light-stretching light has an Image within an image that might resemble a female in a gown or fine robes. In the center where the “X” is-reminds me of the thick trim of robes that crosses in the front.  And it is spread-out to the right-hand side, in almost a pool coming from the gown. There are others, hooded and not.  One in a bright room to the right-hand side.  And images in the darker left-hand side.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Look away then look back to the image.  I can  lose my place and no longer see the image I saw, but looking for a recognizable pattern might discover some image even containing or from the image I’d lost.-Ernie Moore Jr.


IC CM IwaI Roses Seated Person Reading EMJ   Leave a comment

photograph of camera motion of roses resembles a seated person reading EMJThis Camera Motion Image Capture, photography pulling light-stretching light Image within an Image might resemble a seated person reading.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Swrl Origin EMJ   Leave a comment

Photograph containing an enlightened rose central to a swirl with green becomin pinks becoming people like figures EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture photograph might have images within an image but I have it as a piece because of its over-all.  As a whole this stretching light pulling light piece could be enjoyable.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Ernie Moore Jr.

Marketing Me When I Nor What I Do is New Under The Sun   Leave a comment

I presented someone with an alphabet.  Not only that but the half used eighty page spiral bound notebook in which I recorded how I went about it.  Perhaps that would be another web log from me.  I told the person I did it as a pick me-up for person.  I might not have started too close to the beginning but might have included the bare bones of Alphabet Declination-an alphabet formed from an idea or an item having symbols which corelate to English letters of the English Alphabet…writing English in symbols from an idea or item, figure or thought with different symbols than English letters.  That’s typography-a graphic art.  But Mine is the declination.  It’s actually a declining while advancing.  To me Language is not stand still except as Image Capture- for that moment.

Spoken English in the British colony, pet name- America, became southern English.  Southern English went to Economic divisions–rich southern and Poor Southern.  Negroes took Poor Southern to the North and Poor Southern became associated with Negroes and might have been referred to as Nigger talk /Nigger speak.  Segregated in the cities Poor Souther took on cultural and situational nuances becoming essentially a Negro speak. Negro speak is an evolving of the use of language and in England got known as cockney.   I still relate the development of English in the now United States of America by Negroes eventually increasingly widely termed Blacks (1964-1967) to the environment of the city-hence saying someone is country or from the city. What might be academically politically correctly called Ebonics Might better be called Urbanonics or Urbonics, because it is a referential and situational driven use of English But so was earlier English based on popular motifs and urgency.

When speaking, depending some on urgency one might speak faster.  In such cases clarity can diminish. what was a sentence can lose words and become a phrase.  Eventually becoming a word.  Words get shaved or lose defining edges.  As such I thought so of writing.

The person for whom I wrote the alphabet was a graphic designer and instructor of graphic design.  This is why I thought it might be a pick-me-up-because I thought someone who designs words might appreciate something like that, or at least the effort.  Person called what I did Art Brute-someone doing significant-ish efforts without formal training.  I came into Camera motion from trying to draw with light using a camera.  I had not heard of Michael Orton with the terming of Intentional camera motion.  Looking more there’s deliberate camera motion. and the term Image capture has been used.

I’m looking for  wording that is descriptive yet separate from what’s been done before that might get presumed as th quality of my work.  I feel I’ve gone some place different with the caliber of my works than that of professionals relevant to photography or the typicals producing motions captured as images in the camera.

Ernie Moore motion of roses. Light with pinks red and greens possibly seeming to from images

IC CM IwaI Roses People Standing About EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera Motion image within an image impressionistic art people standing around EMJ


This Camera Motion Image Capture of roses Image within an Image.  Photography stretching light-pulling light resembles people standing around.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM A Figure in the Light EMJ   Leave a comment

camera motion photograph resembling a figure in light casting shadows EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture-pulling light-stretching light-Image within an Image photography piece has a long dark portion which I took to be shadow.  I follow it to a figure.  Looking at it before posting this it seems there might be a second shadow near the figure.  I see two portions of brightness I take to resemble hair.  Either reflections/suggestions of the figure or other figures.  And even the suggestion of a face by the resemblance of an eye.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM AA Child in a Room EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera motion ogf accidental art a child in a room

This is an Image Capture Camera Motion of acrylics I call Accidental Art.  Image within an Image pulling light stretching light.  We have a bushy haired thin faced something at noon.  Then going clockwise it seemed as if it was a doorway to a room it looked like there was a seated child-covering her mouth, holding her knees to her chest or long hair and her arms crossing her chest.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Camera Motion Photography:House in Clouds on Smokestacks   Leave a comment

A dwelling on a cloud on smokestacks

An Accidental Art seeming to show one environment over another. Camera Motion Image Capture- almost a motel like house over tornado looking smokestacks.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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