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IC CM NDM Waterside Fantasy   Leave a comment

Camera Motion Image Captureof Up the Garden Path by Neal Delano Martineau resembling a blond girl near a rail and the sea in front E M J

Photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture of Up the Garden Path!product/prd1/3145599131/%2373-up-the-garden-path by Neal Delano Martineau.  It seemed to have  ocean aspects–the bottom of the ocean, water scene, blue water, sandy constructs…a railing as if on a ship with yellow like a blond girl on deck.  And Ocean/Sea and ship elements were blending or some such.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I’m looking at the texture and streaking of light.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM NDM Partridge EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera motion image capture photodigital resembling a Partridge bird E M J

Photodigital of a piece called Up the Garden Path by Neal Delano Martineau.  Image within an Image-it might resemble a partridge.  There might even be a angle above the bird.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Fighting Pheasant EMJ   Leave a comment

pulling light stretching light camera motion image capture of monitor image of photographed painting blue and purple resembling sets of wings EMJ

I’m trying  a larger image as I’m exploring WordPress.-Ernie Moore Jr.

The photodigital is one of a series of Camera Motions of a particular photo of a painting by Neal Delano Martineau [Up-the Garden Path]!product/prd1/3145599131/%2373-up-the-garden-path He prefers the more structured Camera Motions.  I’m into looking for an Image within an Image.  Here I get a sense of wings.  The purple texture said pheasant (bird).  And some where in here more than sight is Feeling a sense of Birds in flight fighting.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Flowers Blue Swan EMJ   Leave a comment

Camera motion image capture of blue flowers making a semblance of squinting eyes E M J

Liking an image which resembled a face, but sized poorly from portrait to landscape-I did a camera motion of blue flowers Image Capture, (also liked by the person).  I caught this in my photodigital.  I saw squinting eyes.  Person saw a swan (but later didn’t notice a head to the swan/bird).-Ernie Moore Jr.