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Analysis by Ernie Moore Jr. of The Book of Enoch   Leave a comment

     Hi, I hear a thing and do not question.  Yet when I hear a thing that does not match an accepted truth as I understand it, I might look.

     Though not accepted in the official-ish Bible, it has writings to which people seem to refer.  Speaking  of Giants and beings from the sky with technologies, Nephilim, Greek and Hebrew.  Youtube has a reading of The Book of Enoch, at least that’s how it looks.  And I heard something that triggered a falseness alert.  

      I hear of two who walked with God, Enoch and Noah.  Noah Spoke with God and God spoke To Noah.  Enoch starts with being shown a vision of God.  I am incorrect with this as I went back to read before I continued writing.  It starts with saying a righteous man  saw a Holy vision, yet does not say it was Enoch himself.  Nor that these were other than visions.  I was looking for someone to be having experiences not relaying or interpreting dreams or visions.  Especially not such guided by angels.

     I will bring -up that the same group, considered to have had sexual union which begot offspring with women, some call these fallen angels,  some call these Earth born.  This seems mixed-up and people are talking witout having correct or full understanding–naphal~ is Hebrew for to fall or to lie down…  Nephilim might come from this to mean fallen one or one who lays with…

     This is so mixed-up Naphal has many possible uses it seem.  Some say they were in the earth already.  Some say giants were here already.  Equating them,  when the Greek translation sounds like giant.  And the European feary tale understanding of giants matches the Greek work switched for Nephilim gegentis.  Now if we can see this as gea/geo genesis, then we can see a meaning of born of the earth.

     Analysing terminology is key here.  The rest is looking at visions it seems and noting inconsistencies.  But given that it’s notes of visions (so far) it’s not legitimate except as someone trying to seem important or misdirection or the such and doesn’t make for anything.-ish

     And several references to the Lord of Spirits, but not God? [I should read through it to reduce speculating and speak to the fact of how and what is printed]

   Ernie Moore Jr.

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Ernie Moore Jr’s Partial Analysis of His Interpretations of Genesis 1:1-23 (2)   1 comment

     God looks at what has been done and will comment if it seems useful, practical, reasonable–Good.  The word good resembles the word God.  and a day is marked by the next morning, almost Mourning the end of the previous day.-Ernie Moore Jr.

     With water above heaven we can find rain reasonable.  Whales were mentioned different from creatures of the seas.  By mentioning winged fowls, I presume there were non winged fowls or wingless fowls.  But also, All creatures and winged fowls come from the waters below heaven, including great whales.  There are lesser whales but they must be included as all other creatures or winged fowls.-Ernie Moore Jr.

      A good bit of lighting happened during the fourth day. Creatures that move but do not have life are not blessed by God.  Creatures that have life but do not move are not blessed by God..  God said all creatures from the ocean that move and have life  but I think I was not there.  I must not have been moving or did not have life then.-Ernie Moore Jr.

     Fruit trees and grass and a dry place for them to grow was brought forth on the third day.-Ernie Moore Jr.

     By the end of the first day, there was the earth which was full yet did not have form. Water was with earth.  Things shared names or original names got reassigned.-Ernie Moore Jr.

  Ernie Moore Jr.

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Ernie Moore Jr.’s Partial Analysis of Genesis 1:1-23 (1)   1 comment

     This is the first five days.  God speaks and it happens-sounds like Magic. There’s waters above Heaven.  I might think that if religion was a form of societal control by a few over the many, on might want an authoritative guide that could be used by the fewer to hold sway over the many.  One neat thing might be to claim to be associates of an unprovable being who created everything and has sway over their lives.  Their deaths.

     Authority might come from explaining things people might question.  As it stands, there are gathered waters above heaven which are lit perhaps explaining why the sky is blue mostly,  The sky is now blue because the water above heaven can be seen with the lights God put in the firmament.

   Ernie Moore Jr.

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