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IC CM Bush Mood Swing EMJ   Leave a comment




This Image Capture Camera Motion, is of a bush [it seems like a bush in Summer].  The pulling light, stretching light gave me a good feel–it seemed to be a mood or tone to the image. Looking at it again, there’s a murkiness.  But since this was not under water, there’s an appeal.  The Camera Motion seems slight and this goes towards impressionistic.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM IA Trees A Face Of Autumn EMJ   Leave a comment

photodigital resembling Impressionist Art of trees: Autumn colors muted E M J

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture stretching light-pulling light resembles something an Impressionist artist might do.  The colors suggest woods–Spring or (my first thought) the beginnings of Autumn.  And the whitest/lightest ares had darkness in places and shapes as might suggest something akin to a face…A Face of Autumn perhaps.-Ernie Moore Jr.

In small as I’m keystroking to post this, there might seem to be a a face with covered head–from the chin along the jaw.-Ernie Moore Jr.

It has been several minutes as I got nibbles, tended to things and set-up eats for an evening near the computer[taboo?  Yes-my nerd indiscretion]; Image within an Image, one might notice what could seem to be a child perhaps with a book in the lighted lower middle; possibly an adult figure showing the child something.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Digital Photo Camera Motion of Blossoms EMJ   Leave a comment

Ernie Moore Jr blossoms digital photo resembling art

     This piece is a digital photo camera motion image capture of blossoms.  This combines Stretching Light with Light Drawing.  Pulling fixed light source light across reflective subject matter–petals.  Camera motion resulting in this sort of blending-looks to me as a kind-of art piece–painting-Ernie Moore Jr.