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 Photodogital Camera Motion Image capture of the Moon-behind trees in the evening-pulling light-stretching light.  Perhaps two curvy wing shaped leaves with a person type figure in between is one of the things I notice.  There’s like five people like figures in the trees, peeking-peering from behind it might seem.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Lefthand side to right hand side–a heavily clothed female, a bearded guy, [just below the image of a seemingly wide bearded and mustached figure with a semblance of a coat] A gowned figure touching the face of an old time Middle eastern empire soldier type. A man with his left arm in front of his chest at an angle.  A woman with a hat and heavy on the lipstick application…-Ernie Moore Jr.

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IC CM ChTree The Collector Hides the Woman EMJsigsc

Central to this Photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light (I think it’s of cherry blossom tree)…central is What might be a figure with long hair from behind.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Image-within-an-image might be three or four images that might be seen as women, bottom left hand side.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Also, a rider with plumed hat/helmet, Asian dynasty rider or a lady from eighteen something England.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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Photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light stretching light around trees.  I note an image resembling a person with the head bowed, as if looking-down to read.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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IC CM Acry Eyelashes EMJsigsc

This photodigital Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light-stretching light is of Discovered Art basically made of brush strokes trying to not make anything in particular.  I used a dark green acrylic paint.  this Image within an Image  seems to resemble an eye lid with eyelashes, but sometimes could be left eye or right eye.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Or closed eye looking one way and another way.  Perhaps an eye is resembled.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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sembence of a face in the upper left hand corner E M J

This Camera Motion Image Capture of trees pulling light stretching light has a dark and light play that bears a semblence of a face.  There may be other hints of faces.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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Camera motion-pulled light Image resembling a woman in an outfit with a head piece or tiera


This is a photograph.  Taken with a digital camera-this is a digital image. Cropped from a larger digital photo, the Image Capture Camera Motion pulling light resembled a woman in an outfit with a head/hair piece.-Ernie Moore Jr.

I’d like to clarify. when I’m saying digital image here I meant it was recorded with a digital (recording) camera.  I think there might be an impression of using a computer to get this image–digital manipulation.  That’s not the case.  What you see here was what got caught between the shutter open and the shutter close.  I call that photo digital to express the light capture at the moment.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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camera motion photograph resembling a figure in light casting shadows EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture-pulling light-stretching light-Image within an Image photography piece has a long dark portion which I took to be shadow.  I follow it to a figure.  Looking at it before posting this it seems there might be a second shadow near the figure.  I see two portions of brightness I take to resemble hair.  Either reflections/suggestions of the figure or other figures.  And even the suggestion of a face by the resemblance of an eye.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Ghost-like Photography–:Family Gathering EMJ   Leave a comment

photo digital image within an image resembling a ghostly family gathering EMJ


I shoot many shots.  I offload the images.  I’m only now going through the folders.  I think this is a camera motion of black acrylic strokes.  I’d found making strokes but not trrying to paint an image I might get Accidental Art.  Images better than I could draw from which I would learn to draw.This piece seems stereotypically ghostly.  One might make-out figures that seem as children and perhaps that seem as adults.  Because of the quantity f person figures I thought of this as a Family Gathering.


Ernie Moore Jr.


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IC CM Soft Blue Green EMJsigsc

Image Capture Camera Motion of trees in the evening. I take this to be a feel of painted more than being a photograph of trees at night~ That’s the pulling light/stretching light of camera motion.-Ernie Moore Jr.

IC CM Acry Blk Blur of Woman EMJsigsc   Leave a comment

Accidental Art-Image Capture Camera Motion, Stretched Light

Image capture camera motion of strokes of black acrylic

Image capture camera motion of accidental art-A woman’s face caught from behind her left.